4 Ways To Design A Family Friendly Kitchen

Raising a family isn’t easy, but, if designed well, your kitchen can help! See some great tips below that aim to bring family organization into everyone’s favorite room!

Two Rooms in One

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Blending together the kitchen and family room into one great space creates an open area for everyone to gather. Whether mom and dad are cooking, kids are doing homework or little ones are enjoying playtime or a favorite cartoon…the space becomes multifunctional for everyone to use 24/7.

Get Organized

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The recipe to any successful home may just be to minimize the clutter. By organizing your home for each family member, you’ll make things easily accessible. And that in turn helps things run smoothly throughout the day! Consider storing the kids’ things in bottom shelves and drawers for easy reach. You could even have cabinetry made to fit the children’s height with built-in inserts that can serve a different purpose when the children grow. Also, having a dedicated home station for the adults makes a great location for storing paperwork, bills, and the family computer.

Introduce Color

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Design a bright, interesting space the entire family will enjoy. Color adds personality outside the all white kitchen. Why not incorporate a funky, vivid colored countertop or eye catching tiled backsplash behind the stove?

Appreciate the Memories

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If you’re the sentimental type who enjoys holding onto memories, select items for the home that will inevitably show wear and tear. By selecting porous materials, such as Carrara marble or a maple butcher block, you introduce items that will add an old fashioned, settled appeal over time. These items are meant to embrace imperfections and showcase your family’s history of stains and rings!

(Photos courtesy in order: Houzz & Patrick Sutton Associates, Fresh Home, Dornob and The Grothouse Lumber Company)

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