When A Kitchen Is No Longer A Kitchen


With a new year already underway, I’m excited to announce that our Chief Cabinet Officer Evan Levey will be guest writing for our blog. Evan is a phenomenal guy whose knowledge about design and functionality in the kitchen, especially cabinetry, makes him a real go-to resource here at CCW. I hope you enjoy his first article today. You can expect his articles to appear quarterly, so be on the lookout for them. I know I will be!


Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great holiday season. As things became mercifully still over the final weeks of the year, I began reflecting on what the number one trend in kitchen design is today. My conclusion agrees with many experts who are writing on the topic in publications ranging from Architectural Digest to the Wall Street Journal. The number one trend is the kitchen is no longer just the kitchen and is taking up more square footage in the home than ever before.


The kitchen today plays a host of functions from a place to prepare meals to an entertaining space, from a spot to work on homework to an extension of the living room. Our clients have been working with our designers on ways to integrate their lifestyle into the room that they love. In a recent project, a client wanted an island where he could be cooking and guests could be enjoying wine and hors d’oeuvres. The trick was to maintain a clear distinction between the cook and the guest sides of the island while at the same time making everyone feel they are together. As the kitchen becomes more and more a “living” space, paneling appliances, seating areas and entertainment nooks are becoming even more popular.


The size of the kitchen continues to grow and is taking up more square footage of the first floor than ever before. Additionally, our designers are coming up with more and more creative ways to design an open floor plan, where the kitchen appears to melt into surrounding rooms but maintains its unique identity.


Finally, although the kitchen is playing a host of roles, its primary function is still connected to food and the kitchens we design need to be ready for all different types of chefs. Whether someone enjoys preparing gourmet meals for friends, simple comfort food family dinners or warming up Chinese take-out, the kitchen needs to be properly designed and equipped.


Please be in touch with any projects you are considering. We would love to make a difference in your home.

All the best for a happy and healthy New Year,

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