Rethinking Your Kitchen For Entertaining Guests


I recently got married and as my lovely wife Marissa’s birthday approached, I wanted to make the occasion perfect. What she wanted was to invite a few couples over and cook a celebratory dinner to share. As our NYC apartment’s galley kitchen might have been too cramped, we decided to go to my family’s week-end house for the festivities!

But here was the problem…and a problem is certainly something you don’t want on your wife’s birthday. Although the kitchen in my family’s week-end house has a footprint more than enough to accommodate the eight of us, the kitchen was designed a few decades ago and the layout is not conducive for friends to gather together, help cook, or just enjoy some appetizers and a glass of wine. We made it work and the evening was a success, but it sure got us thinking about what we want from a kitchen as we begin to think about our first house.

Like many of you, Marissa and I love to entertain in a fun and casual way, getting everyone together in one space to cook, converse, eat good food and drink even better wine. Gone are the days of the “formal” dinner party where the guests only see the living and dining room. The kitchen has morphed from a room to prepare for a party to the space at the heart of the party. Basic kitchen chairs have been replaced by comfy window seats and easy access bar stools. The classic kitchen table has been replaced by multi-functional islands…perfect for chopping AND chatting.

As we begin to house hunt, one thing we know: whatever we have to sacrifice…a dining room, an extra study…our kitchen will have a layout for today’s entertaining!


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