Design Durability and Bathroom Beauty

The balance between durability and efficiency with comfort and beauty is the ultimate goal of bathroom design. Homeowners are looking for a reliable space to withstand time and use, which is, at the same time, the safe haven they need to escape everyday life. In years past the options were minimal, however, today there are tons of choices when designing the ultimate multi-functional bathroom.

Bathroom designers and suppliers are producing more diverse products. The industry is constantly improving and refining the manufacturing processes and materials without forgoing style. Every fixture has endured some change for the modern bathroom. Wooden bathroom furniture can now withstand the steam-filled rigors of daily life. By pre-treating the furniture with a moisture resistant coating, you enhance the performance and durability of the product. Manufacturers have been using higher quality materials, such as acrylic and resin, for tubs and showers that retain heat. These products are also easier to clean and are stain/scratch resistant. Lastly, improved technology provides better control of water temperature flow rate for faucets and shower heads.

With 60% of water usage taking place in the bathroom, it’s important for manufacturers to discover ways to reduce the home’s impact on the environment, and also your utility bill. To reduce water consumption, dual flush toilets and ceramic disc technology hare two great developments. Also cabinet manufacturers, including Wood-Mode, have become industry leaders in developing greener products and processes for the home.

The modern bathroom isn’t financially out of reach as you may think. You can certainly find the special products you desire to design a space without forgoing reliability and durability.

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